Foaming goat milk soap


Natural, and less chemical, foaming goat milk liquid soap with no parabens, formaldehyde or dye added. Great for washing hands or body.  An excellent option for sensitivity or if you just want to enjoy no fragrance added. Our liquid goat milk soap is a natural creamy, caramel color from all the fats in the goat milk. 




Our liquid natural goat milk soap with a foaming pump. Made with fresh goat milk, coconut oil, sunflower oil and castor oil, vegetable glycerin, a touch of preservative and of course water. The goat milk creates a moisturizing, beautiful creamy/caramel colored soap. 

Care and use of pump– The pump has an air chamber to mix with the soap to create foaming soap. If water or soap gets into the chamber the pump may not function properly. The pumps are not designed to be used under running water. Use in the shower is not recommended and the bottles should not be placed or washed under running water. Doing so may allow water to seep down the neck and get into the air chamber located beneath the pump. If the pump is not used frequently, that soap liquid can dry, creating a film on the screen which can ultimately clog the screen making the pump hard to use.


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Weight 8.45 oz

Plain Jane, Blue Thyme


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