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I have always hated the smell most soap leaves on your skin, it smells like a hospital and stays on your skin forever. For as long as I can remember I have been sensitive to fragrances. Hair spray, shampoo, perfume wreaking havoc with my sinuses sending me into a fit of sneezing, running nose and severe sinus congestion and headache. I was miserable. My solution, avoid all scents on myself and anyone around me. ​ A friend suggested I make some goat milk soap.  I love how my skin feels when I use goat milk products without all the harsh chemicals.  

The best part is people’s reaction to the products. The goat milk is fresh from grass fed goats never powder. (Ok, the bath soak uses powdered goat milk for obvious reasons.) I strive to use the best ingredients available to make the best products. Thank you to my family who patiently smell stuff for me, (to try a new scent or identify what scent it is) find their usual soap replaced with an unidentified one and try another new concoction. Thank you, friends and family who graciously sample my products and give me honest feedback. I have met some incredible people on this journey. Many have become dear friends. For that I am grateful. Thank you for joining me on this journey…. Lori

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